Starting in January, Red Flag Poetry will begin soliciting Chapbook Manuscripts. Submissions should include a ms with 20-25 poems and a 200 word abstract about their project. 

Please submit all content in one, identifierless .doc or .docx file. 

Red Flag Press seeks to publish 4 chapbooks in the 2017 year. 
When submitting your collection for consideration, we ask that you send a 250-300 word proposal detailing the purpose and general scope of your project. Along with this brief proposal please send 5 poems from the larger work, so we can get an idea about your work. Please consider purchasing one of our other full length collections to see what we're about before submitting. 

Please note that we're looking to publish these 
full-length collections in 2018. 
Do you draw, sketch, paint, or photograph? Red Flag is interested in using your work on our postcards. All art is welcome and will be selected based on fit with the given poem. Please send high quality images as a .tiff or .jpg file to us at our submission manager.

All art contributors will receive a complimentary copy of the postcard with their art mailed to them.
Ends on November 1, 2017
  • Please only send 3 poems per submission window! Pace yourself, kiddo, because you can submit a fresh batch each time! 
  • Upload your poetry submissions as .doc/.docx attachment to our Poetry Postmaster General. Other file types (.pdf, .jpeg, .png, .omg??!) will not be considered and will bum us out! 
  • Actually, while you're attaching those great poems, why don't you send us a brief author bio. We want to know more about you! You can send some jokes too (we love jokes). 
  • ​Multiple submissions are fine, but please notify Red Flag Poetry if your work has been accepted elsewhere first. 
  • All poems will be considered for both Red Flag Poetry Postcards, AND Poetry Express. Longer poems will (because postcards prevent longer poems) only be considered for Poetry Express